Vantec Caravan Protection

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Australia's number one total Caravan Protection System for both new and used vans.

Since 1986, we have treated thousands of caravans, campertrailers and poptops.

The Vantec system has proven that treated caravans
retain their value.

When caravans, campers and poptops are new we treat vans at the Caravan Manufacturers, dealers or at our factory in Bayswater Victoria. We also have mobile detailers around Australia.

Please view our site to find out more information on our service and how we can extend the life of your caravan for years to come.

Vantec Superior Protection for your Exterior.

Vantec's revolutionary paint preservation treatment locks in the original colour preventing
chalking and fading and makes little work of cleaning off road grime, tree sap and bird droppings.

Vantec Superior Protection for your Interior.

Vantec's exclusive interior fabric protection will help prevent staining caused from spillage.

Every fibre is treated with an invisible coating to protect all soft furnishings and other fabrics inside your caravan.

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