Caravan protected with Vantec RV Protection towed

Lifetime Warranty

Once Off Application

Low Maintenance

Nano Technology

Why Use Us?

Vantec is Australia’s No.1 total caravan protection system for all RV’s. We are proud to say that since 1986 we have successfully treated tens of thousands of RV’s across Australia, confirming that Vantec’s one off system is superior to any other and will keep your RV looking new longer.

Convoy of Caravans | Why use Vantec
Caravan in the Outback | Why trust Vantec

Why Trust Us?

Trust is earned and after 30 years of continuous service to the industry Vantec has earned that trust. We have trained technicians across the country that will professionally apply Vantec to your RV to ensure peace of mind that your RV is protected.

Where to Find Us

Vantec has a network of over 40 dealers Australia wide that use and endorse our product. You will also find us at all the major RV shows or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

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