Protection for Your Interior

Vantec’s exclusive interior protection will help prevent staining caused from spillage. All fabrics and leather inside your RV are treated with Vantec’s Interior Protection including: curtains, pelmet boxes, upholstery, mattresses, bedheads, bedspreads, padding and all other soft furnishings.

The Vantec Interior Protection is a superior product. This gives it strength and durability. The Vantec Interior Protection product will prevent staining when spills occur. Just use a clean cloth to mop up liquid. Even when red wine is spilt on carpet it is unable to penetrate the surface of the treated area.

When Vantec Interior Protection is applied to your fabric’s, spills settle on top of the surface instead of being immediately absorbed. Leaving an invisible barrier.


Liquids – like coffee, soft drink, beer, fruit juice, and milk blot up easily. Milk and other dairy products leave no odour after removed. Penetration between fibres provides less abrasion and promotes longer life.

Less wear means fabrics can last up to 3 times longer than what they would without Vantec. Using Vantec does not change the colour or feel of fabrics or soft furnishings within your caravan, meaning you are able to still achieve full enjoyment as if Vantec wasn’t even there.

Vantec is able to help prevent red dust from penetrating your interior fabrics & soft furnishings, meaning less cleaning and a longer life for your interior.


  • It has anti-static properties
  • It prevents red dust penetration
  • It is undetectable after application
  • It is always professionally applied
  • It has a long lasting application
  • The resale value of your caravan is higher
Interior of a Caravan protected with Vantec RV Protection

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