Protection for Your Exterior

From the moment your caravan, camper or RV leaves the showroom it will begin to suffer environmental damage caused by weather, solutions and exposure to the elements. This damage can decrease the life of your new van and eventually its resale value.

At Vantec, we have developed a solution that incorporates a complete protection package which will improve the life, look and value of your caravan. Unlike a polish or wax that just leaves a film on the surface, Vantec protections unique formulation actually penetrates and forms a bond with the aluminium cladding, composite materials or fibreglass to prevent damage to the surface and deep within finish.

It means low maintenance, with more time to enjoy your leisure activities.


Don’t waste time waxing & polishing your caravan.

Our specially trained technicians remove grease & grime by washing your caravan before professionally treating the exterior.

Vantec sealant is then applied directly on to the aluminium powder coated, composite & fibreglass surface. Vantec safeguards your caravan’s exterior finish and improves the durability of your caravans new finish.

Vantec Paint Protection creates a bond that helps protect paint surfaces from bugs, bird droppings etc.


Uses the most advanced nano-technology available.

It bonds with aluminium, composite and fibreglass paint work – both smooth and dimple surface. Ultra Violet proof resins withstand UV light from the suns harmful rays.

Prevents oxidation from salt water, sea air & chalking.
Resale value of your caravan is higher.
No more waxing or polishing necessary. Professional application.
Blocks out pollutants and airborne chemicals.
Bugs, tree sap, bird dropping, etc. are easily removed.
Anti-magnetic, repels dirt and road salt. Maintains original colour longer.

Caravan in the Outback protected with Vantec RV Protection

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